The primary concern of my writing is describing the gross fraud which Big Media has perpetrated dating back at least to World War II.

I have written critiques of Climate Change, Healthcare, Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory. My method of operation is not to do original research. Instead I read widely and try to understand a subject. I’m drawn toward describing how everything fits together, and hope to make my readers experts on difficult subjects. One reader of my Climate Change series said of my work: “The finest summary of skeptical reasoning …. and hard climate truths.” I want to give that kind of understanding to every reader on every subject.

My work has had over one million views. After the 2008 financial crisis, Business Insider carried my stories written for That work included a popular recurring series of real estate charts. My writing has been carried on or been cited by Bloomberg, CNBC, Huffington Post, Real Clear Energy, Real Clear Markets, Reuters and Yahoo. (There’s a short history of my past writing here.)

The truth and media consensus diverge wildly. The gap derives from bias, but ends, because of the extremity of the bias, as fraud. Inside my interest in ending media fraud, to take steps to fight it, I hope to help raise money for conservative media. I assume we are approaching a socialist Armageddon. To survive the fall, we need a strong, powerful, wealthy conservative media to guide us through rebirth.

In addition to tackling big lies, and taking up the cause of conservative media, I will endeavor to answer big questions on the meaning of life. Yes, Rome is burning, but we still seek enlightenment, even as we run toward the fall.

America is financially impoverished by Social Security, Medicare, the federal bureaucratic state, and the demands of politicians who buy office with the state’s money. America is morally impoverished, it seems, in a thousand ways.

We must devise a plan for rebuilding. Everyone all around the world depends upon America as a refuge. We are the home for people who want to be free of poverty, violence and dangerous rulers. We are the home for people who love a simple peaceful life of their own choosing. We can bring that country back. We can give our children the life of their own dreams.

Michael David White
December 5th, 2021

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